you know that one person

the person to whom you look up and who’s kind of your idol for no real reason and you could happily trail after them all day like a three-year-old because they’re just that cool

you know

you know that moment where it hits you like a truck and you think you might be in love with a band



Edit: I have never seen watchmen, some people were reminded of that movie, it’s just coincidence 


#he looks like a preteen girl ‘omg like you don’t understand this is like my /life/’

laughingalonewithrvb replied to your post: goooooosh I don’t think I could ever roleplay not…

no this is so relevant i feel the same way

i like the idea behind it and i respect RPers the same way i respect fanfiction writers, etc. but i could honestly never bring myself to RP

laughingalonewithrvb   and   well   yeah   


Final Fantasy X to get HD Remake on PS Vita and PS3

At Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference, Hashimoto-san from Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy X will be getting an HD remake just for the PS Vita and PS3.

Hashimoto-san also urged Final Fantasy fans “to be patient for news regarding this new game”. So, don’t expect it to be a Vita launch title.

And now, all I can think of is this amazing scene in glorious HD.

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Feeling lazier than the guy who made the Polish flag


On Your Knees/Maniacs
Jeff Williams feat. Sandy Casey

a good half of the reason i’m going to pierce my septum is griffon ramsey.

fuck   to   the   yeah