"Bobby told me once that the crabs in the Potomac could get rid of a body in under an hour," Dean shudders. "I’m too pretty to get eaten by crabs, Cas."


Nothing against Bobby, but Dean would rather be fucking anywhere in the world right now besides sitting in their supervisor’s office at the asscrack of dawn on a Tuesday morning.  Bobby’s stalking around the room, closing blinds like the Cold War is still on and there are Soviet spies afoot, and Dean doesn’t bother containing his eyeroll.  Beside him, Cas is tense, back rigid, which is an almost comical counterpoint to the mess of his hair and his crooked tie.  Dean wants to reach over and fix it, turn the tail of the damned thing around so that it looks like his partner didn’t tie it with his eyes closed—he did, Dean was there—but Bobby’s moving away from the windows and skirting around them both like they’re landmines.  The older agent sits down on the edge of his desk, crosses his arms over his chest, and sighs, “Internal Affairs is trying to reassign you both.”

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This photo isn’t a Photoshopped image trying to prove the existence of UFO’s.

It’s actually just a cloud. Since clouds hover at different elevations in the sky, sometimes the sun casts incredible shadows like the one David Curtis captured above. 

via Buamai

also, since i’m already inclined towards nightblogging:

there are a lot of monster of the week episodes that get a lot of attention for being really well-done — this list is usually comprised of episodes like faith, nightshifter, bitten, houses of the holy, or even jus in bello and croatoan, even though those are more plot-centric MOTW episodes

what i never see is roadkill

i seriously have yet to see one of those “spn episode movie poster” MOTW episode photosets that includes roadkill

no honestly idgi

maybe because it was between tall tales and heart — two incredibly memorable episodes — but i never EVER see anything about roadkill anywhere in the fandom and it sucks because roadkill is hands-down my favorite MOTW episode, over faith and ghostfacers and bitten and nightshifter and even mystery spot

it’s just so good and it’s haunting and perfect and wow


Zircon Gold Tunnels with Baltic Amber by Alternative Earth Organics




#SO WHAT. WE HAD A FIGHT. WE MAY HAVE BROKEN UP BUT I HAVEN’T STOPPED LOVING YOU. I HAVEN’T STOPPED MISSING YOU. NOT FOR A SINGLE MOMENT. … #SO JUST STOP IT CAS.’ #and then dean kisses cas to shut him up because guess who needs saving this time #and what a better way to start then to remind cas that he is loved #AND THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS HOW IT WENT


#somehow i feel like this was dean’s version of forgiveness #’yeah you’re right you pissed me off. so what? so fucking what cas? #you’re here now. that’s all that matters. it’s all water under the bridge now’



you know what i don’t like? the word ‘hot’

(and this is completely subjective)

i don’t like it applied to me for a lot of reasons (#1 being it just…. makes me uncomfortable) and it feels to me like such an empty/shallow compliment — especially when it comes to fics, where i see comments like ‘omg that was really hot!’ after something i personally considered to be a really beautifully-written, sensual bit of smut


come on

there are a THOUSAND more meaningful words you could use instead of ‘hot’