Bucky Barnes - A Comics Masterpost



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So a friend told me after watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, she was really interested in seeing more of Bucky, especially in the comics, so I put together this guide for her, although I figure it benefits anyone else who might be curious about Bucky in the comics but doesn’t know where to start!

I’ve compiled every issue of any comics in the Marvel universe that Bucky has appeared in (that I know of) since his 2006 debut as the Winter Soldier, and I’ve also written a text doc explaining what order to read the issues in and how important they are, as well as to provide context for certain events.

If you’re interested, it’s split up into two .rar files which can be downloaded here:

Guide to Bucky pt.1 (1.76 GB) | Guide to Bucky pt.2 (1.04 GB)

I hope people find this useful, enjoy!

Hi Basia, linguistics is really fascinating to me and I'm strongly considering getting a degree in it, but I've been having trouble finding any information about courses and programs that isn't incredibly vague. Could tell me how you started in the field? And do you know of any resources I could look at or colleges with good programs? I have no clue where to even start.

hi there! i’m going to publish this since i’ve gotten asks about it in the past, and it’ll be nice to have something to link to in the future

i had a really weird start in linguistics – it was a (lucky) combination of starting french i while taking spanish iii (and wondering how and why there are so many similarities), and one of my friends telling me her teacher’s anecdotes about dialectology. that was my junior year of high school, so when undergrad applications rolled around the next year, i applied as a ling major, and when i took my first ling class i knew it was the field for me.

the really important part of looking at linguistics programs (which i didn’t know about and got really lucky in my school choice) is knowing what a school’s concentration/focus is – do they do a lot of sociolinguistics? or psycholinguistics? or generative grammar? are you interested in syntax or semantics? or dialect studies? or language acquisition?

if you figure out which area of linguistics you’re most inclined towards, it’ll looking at schools easier. linguistlist is a really great resource! they have a really cool search function that lets you look at schools by region, subfield, and language specialty. from there you can check out the department’s website (this was my school, for example) and that should have a list of courses and faculty and requirements for the major, etc.

remember that you can always reach out to a school’s ling department – emailing the department head can be super stressful but it can give you some great insight as to what you can expect from their program.

i hope this helps!!




Watch all 3 Uncharted games as Films:

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune - [watch]

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - [watch]

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception - [watch]

Sometime in 2012, a genius reddit user went out of their way to make three games from the Uncharted series into movies and post them on Youtube. Brilliant! I’ve been meaning to gather them all into a masterpost for my PS3 deprived followers the people on tumblr who might be missing out!

I highly recommend these for peeps who don’t own a PS3, or can’t be bothered, or have no time to play the games, but are interested in Uncharted. I know some certain friends of mine, who know me for my inability to shut up about this series, would definitely agree.


Nadav Kander 

Bodies (2006)

Download the complete Supernatural soundtrack!


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Life Hacks: Kitchen Edition!


The dorito one I already discovered in life, works with any corn-based chips


kid!Loki cosplay tutorial


aka journey into misery

A step by step guide to dressing up as a 13 year old boy, because you knew sooner or later your life would lead up to this.

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