also cornerstore comics had a ton of back issues of JiM and i want them so bad because i want legit copies because i feel really bad for pirating them augh

i need to get paid already

thoughts on JiM, actually:


can we talk about this for a second because a) kid!loki you’re breaking my heart stop being so cute and b) it really creeps me out for some reason when tumblr/tumblr culture is mentioned outside of the internet

i’m sorry but wow JiM #627 is my favorite so far and i don’t doubt it’ll remain my favorite

an entire issue from the devil’s point of view? yes please

and that stuff about being a devil vs. being satan and just augh usually feels from one fandom never bleed into another fandom but oops i lucifeel’d

(also, that art, man)

i finished the first volume/collection/whatever of journey into mystery way too quickly

no i wanted the opposite of this

but mmmmmmmmm i’m going to make a more detailed post because holy wow JiM makes me feel things and just……. wow

i don’t think you understand

journey into mystery is so beautiful