tbh i don’t think there’s a single manga that fucked this generation up the way fullmetal alchemist did




how do you forget that wash is the fucking villain in two seasons

how do you forget that he is off his fucking rocker when the reds and blues meet him and the only reason he looks sane is because they’re idiots

why is this fandom

I think it’s partly because Wash, in Recollections, is that particular brand of nuts that’s very good at appearing rational on the surface. Think of how he looks the first time you watch Season 6. The Reds and Blues are idiots, yes, but even the audience takes some time to pick up on how really unhinged Wash is. Because he’s had so much practice at hiding it. Because he’s had to. Because keeping a tight lid on his instability is the only reason he’s walking free and not sedated in a double-locked cell.

Even now, he manages to hide it from us. Underneath his helmet and behind all those drills he makes his team run, Wash is twitching and drumming his fingers and just waiting for something else bad to happen because something always does but it’s disguised with humor and with banter and oh Wash the hardass bossing Tucker around haha and Simmons has a command boner for him but this is still the man who was sent to dispose of his friends’ bodies and who, not a season ago, put a gun to Carolina’s head and he knows, he knows something else is always just around the corner and he has to be ready for it. He has to.

Because he’s Wash, and he does what is necessary, and he will not let anyone get the jump on him, ever again.

yes. this. exactly. why did wash manage to hide what he knew for so long? because he’s good at it. because he’s a patient motherfucker who’ll wait as long as he has to for the right moment, and who can lie and lie and lie and be believed, because people don’t expect him to do it. the problem is that it works both in-universe and out-of-universe, in that the fandom takes him at face value or relegates him to the traits he showed when he was younger, rather than recognizing the man he grew into — or worse, confuses naivete with a lack of intelligence.

DON'T MIND ME just cruising along   GOD god i really love fucked-up characters because there is /so much/ to them   there are so many layers – there's the pre- and post-fucked up and getting fucked up reveals so much about a character   like   getting fucked up as a narrative device is one of my all-time favorite things because it shows SO much of what's under the surface   how they behave under stress how they communicate with other who they (dis)trust implicitly or explicitly   what they're capable of when they're put under so much duress that they're broken – and what they're capable of afterwards   their healing mechanisms and their coping mechanisms their will to survive and where and when it comes out strongest   and i think what i love most about recollection!wash is exactly this post: that he hides it so well   because let's face it a lot of folks on this site and in this fandom aren't always at 100% in terms of mental health   (like HEY this is why we watch things this is why we fandom)   and i might only be speaking for myself here   but when you're at a low in terms of mental health   sometimes the best way to heal or to cope is to fake it 'till you make it   and wash from the second they implanted epsilon pretty much for the rest of his narrative is faking it   sometimes he cracks open the tightly-screwed lid on his emotional jar and that's where we got S7/8   (and holy shit villan!wash more like SWEATS NERVOUSLY)   and sometimes when that happens we get things like wash's conversations with tucker and caboose in S11   and that's where his slow careful healing and growth really shines through   wash is such a wonderfully constructed character and i'm always so sad to see him watered down   like baby cmere you don't deserve that   im sorry this is a novel   mental health//   rvb11 liveblog   red vs blue   

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Supernatural 8x21 clip

on the ‘tiger mom’ stereotype problem from 8x02, all i really have as a reaction is ‘americans’ and a slow, sad shake of my head

i’ve seen a lot of posts outlining that basically, spn, you tried — gold star — but you fucked up pretty badly too (uh excuse me? the mail order comment from the pawn shop kid? i’m so fucking glad dean snapped at him for that) and they wrote her off as another side character

and i don’t really know what i’m going for in this post but honestly, sometimes parents fulfill that ‘tiger mom’ stereotype — my parents are 100000% tiger mom parents — but it’s also so very much not a part of american culture and

wow yeah this is turning into another post about my own horrifyingly confused and botched cultural identity basically but if your parents grew up in the 60s-80s in a place that’s not america, then you’re just not gonna get it

shit’s different

american families don’t get it




also i’ll do a nice write-up soon of my first day at work so yeah

that was

that was the most homoromantic movie i have ever watched

A rant about ship names



Normally, this is a rant I wouldn’t put on tumblr. But it’s gotten to a point in my life where I need to say something about this.

Ship names are really dumb.

I refer to ship names that are basically two names smushed together.

It’s really freaking dumb. And really belongs back in the 90’s.

I’ve noticed it a lot in the Red vs Blue fandom and it makes me cringe every single time. Every single one sounds dumb. (Except for Delta/York, because it becomes Dork.)

You could do so much better giving the ship a clever name. Or just writing out the full names.

And this applies to real life as well.

Recently, Chad Kroger of Nickleback Fame and Avril Lavigne got engaged.

What does someone decide to call it?


I honestly can’t escape.

oh my god this. Just. This. Every time I see Chex I die a little more inside. Or Yorkington. And do not even get me fucking started on Tuckster. The last time I used combo names was back in 2002, in the goddamn Digimon fandom, when I was 13.

Yes, people can use them if they want to and it works for them, but I am going to be over here saying that these names look stupid as fucking hell. They’re not cute or fun or funny, they’re just really dumb.

(And seriously, what the fuck are you going to get when you combine Wash/Meta? Weta or Mash. There is nothing not dumb about that.)

A quick rebuttal, though — it’s much easier to blacklist a smooshed-up ship name here on Tumblr, since I’m pretty sure TS doesn’t pick up slashes and they definitely don’t work right in tags.

I’ve seen people tag things with, like, WashYork (where they write the names with no space between them) but since a lot of the really popular (and therefore wank-inducing) ships on Tumblr, i.e. Johnlock or Destiel or Wincest, are smooshed names, it’s much easier to tag things that way so that if one of your followers has it blocked, TS will pick it up.

I mean, I’m not saying they aren’t idiotic. Because they are. It’s just that they make it really easy to TS posts with that pairing in ‘em, so they’re not all bad.


“It’s like a panic attack, you know? Like I can’t even breathe.”

kid!Loki cosplay tutorial


aka journey into misery

A step by step guide to dressing up as a 13 year old boy, because you knew sooner or later your life would lead up to this.

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