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hoping he’s not either. if they don’t address this, they’re missing out on a really cool way to make crowley an even better baddie

it would make SUCH A COOL plot twist and plot point

and i know there are so many conspiracy theory posts around and ugh it would be so awesome if crowley were even more of an homage to good omens and oh no i’m gonna start hyperventilating again

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Really? :I sigh now I know why I never bothered to check it.

yeah i was hoping for some cool ace awareness stuff or something to reblog but

guess not

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wai twhAT

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my moirails are missing

this is a problem

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I actually asked for off from work so I could watch it cause I’m a loserrr. I won’t reblog any gifs until saturday and if I post any reactions/thoughts I’ll read more it ;u; just letting you know.

Ooooh, thanks for telling me c: Knowing the way the internet works, someone will have downloaded and re-uploaded it within an hour of it airing on the East Coast so that’s what I’m banking on. Thankfully, I’ll be able to watch 7x17 as it airs and I can cry and scream and sob in real time.

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smooches all of you

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Both very hard. Well S1 Finale was more shock but Roadkill is suck a sad episode with such a crazy twist.

Roadkill was depressing. There have been a lot of episodes that were sad and heart-wrenching but Roadkill really stuck out to me as straight-up depressing.

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I cried so hard with that episode.

Roadkill or the S1 finale? I’m pretty sure I cried over both 8(