Earl grey, peppermint, green tea!

i take my tea straight w/ no bullshit

i don’t think i have an Ultimate fave holiday but i am so damn pumped for halloween this year because i get to experience a real fall without wildfires or santa anas

hmmmm hmm i usually feel pretty at peace either just at home (bc i’m a homebody) or if i’m being a gross tourist and visiting a city and doing tourist things because then the only person i’m responsible for is me

Steve walks in on Sam playing Halo 4 and he has no clue what it is. Sam explains it and Steve hops in campaign and dominates instantly but doesnt like it at all. He gets enough violence in real life. So Sam dusts off his N64 and shows Steve all the best Mario games from the era. Long story short, Steve has a WiiU and spends his freetime playing Mario games.


Natasha starts a prank war between her and Steve, except Steve is awful at pranks and Natasha always predicts and avoids his pranks. Steve gets sick of it and starts going to Sam for help. Unfortunately he doesn't know that Sam already agreed to keep her in the know. Steve is endlessly frustrated and finally admits defeat, and has to ask someone of Natasha's choice out.


Natasha and Sam convinces Steve to watch Team America: World Police and start singing "Merica, FUCK YEAH" everytime Steve comes in the room

steve eventually just “america is gonna deck both your asses next time you sing that”

20 minutes later natasha is scaling the wall out of steve’s reach yelling “I WAS HUMMING IT HUMMING ISN’T THE SAME AS SINGING”

Top five Pokemon
  • lugia
  • houndoom
  • lugia
  • houndoom
  • sneasel
Top five reasons halo is the best
  • cortana
  • great female characters
  • GREAT depth+breadth of lore
  • moral ambiguity
  • cortana

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Top five reasons I'm cool
  • your sense of humor
  • your hair
  • your beard
  • your taste in friends
  • your everything

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I wanna hear some Grif headcanons and 14 months alone!Church headcanons please and thank you
  • grif is an excellent fucking strategist but most of the time he’s way too lazy to ever actually vocalize any of the shit he comes up with (see: reasons grif was promoted to sergeant)
  • those 14 months church spent alone were simultaneously the most relaxing and the most lonely months he’d ever spent. every time he missed tucker or caboose he got lonely, but every time he thought about how fucking absurd tucker and caboose are, it led to a nice long period of “i’m so fucking glad i’m alone jesus christ”
favorite rooster teeth things/moments
  • switch
  • rooster teeth productions facility tour
  • podcast #30. like the whole motherfucking thing
  • agent washington
  • that fucking worms let’s play
SPN!Crowley or GO!Crowley