dumb AU stuff

hoo hoo hoo


oh look i’m pretending to be productive

me attempting a background is an unheard-of feat and i deserve praise for an attempt, albeit a disastrous one

okay to preface this post: i write in an extremely non-linear fashion even if i have everything planned out because sometimes inspiration is kind enough to whack me over the head so i end up with huge gaps in whatever i’m writing

and i’m looking at this fic

and i only have two more gaps to fill

i don’t know if i should laugh or cry i don’t want this to be over i’m way too invested in this dumb ‘verse

26322 words


you know when you start something and then realize halfway through that you ended up way more invested in it than you thought and then at the end you realize how hungry you are

i’ve suddenly discovered that hugs are A Doable Thing

congratulations are in order because i honestly can’t remember the last time i even THOUGHT ABOUT doing a background

much less anything to do with perspective




experimenting turns out sort of okay

i think i like the sketch more but without a scanner i can’t do jaCK SHIT WITH IT

well at least with everything i color digitally i “”“”improve”“”“

post-apocalyptic ot4