coffeehouse washmaine?

kinda au stuff? kinda?? ??


So, you come here often?

The datapad gets slid right on top of his own datapad, where he’s cradling it between his forearms.

Wash looks up at Maine and rolls his eyes.

"Really?" Maine gives him a smug grin before sitting down with his own coffee. "Send me those coordinates, I want to double-check something."

Maine sends them with a quick swipe of his finger and then leans back in his chair; Wash watches him catalog and map every entry and exit in the small cafe.

"I still think that beard looks ridiculous.”

It's just five-o'clock shadow, not a beard, and it looks civilian. Which is what we're supposed to be.

Wash shakes his head and drains the rest of his coffee before looking back down at his datapad. Maine cracks his neck and stretches out his legs so that their shins are pressed together.

The next train is in seven minutes, which means it'll be there in fifteen, Maine sends him.  We should head out.

"Maybe," Wash says, and then looks out the window. Rain is pounding against the glass. "Or maybe we’ll wait until the next one."

heyo it's the mighty duck anon again IT WAS HELLA CUTE!!! i loved it! okay um, wash/maine where they're like, stuck (either hiding or a building collapsed or something) during a mission.

oh shit this is like 80% of the washmaine au lmfao i’ll try to come up with something different UH uh

(this got longer than expected)


Yoooo I heard you want writing prompts!! Can you do some wash & Maine?? Like on a mission or just chilling watching the Mighty Ducks or w/e you know.


"What. The fuck."

Maine stares at him, eyes narrowed, and dares him to change the channel.

"No, fuck this. I’m not watching—" Wash gestures helplessly at the TV. "—animated ducks play some kind of… pre-Grifball thing? How old is this?”

Maine huffs in response and swipes the bowl of ice cream out of Wash’s hands and then, before Wash can even react, Maine grabs a fistful of his t-shirt and yanks him down on the couch.

"Fucking ridiculous," Wash mutters, and grabs his datapad. Animated ducks playing sports. What a fucking galaxy.

do your line tattoos on your arm have any significance? (is it a way of marking something and will you get more?)

kind of! i got the thick one on my birthday in 2012, and the two thinner ones on my birthday in 2013. i got them because i like the way they look, and even though i didn’t originally mean it this way i guess they sort of stand for my three years of undergrad work!

Hey Basia, so you seem like a super awesome person and really knowledgeable and helpful and just really cool so I was wondering if you could give me a little advice? I'm currently on day 3 of a hangover that completely fucked up my digestive system and I was wondering if you had advice? It was only my 3rd time drinking and I got embarrassingly drunk and my body is currently making me regret everything. Thank you SO much for any help that you have.

oh no sweetie that really sucks, i’m sorry :<

first and foremost, make sure you’re drinking tons of water! no matter why you’re feeling gross, water will help your body find its balance. if you’re feeling nauseous, eat lots of simple foods that aren’t too flavorful, but that’ll keep you going. stay away from sugary stuff and try toast with butter or saltines or plain/salted nuts or a simple rice dish? and try to avoid fast food if you can, too, bc it tends to be greasy and that’ll make you feel even more gross :|

chamomile tea is also really great for calming your stomach! i don’t know if you’re having general stomach troubles or trouble keeping food down, but regardless, chamomile tea should help calm your stomach, and that along with saltines and other simple food should help you out.

as far as next time goes, make sure you drink tons of water and that you eat something before you head to sleep for the night!!

What don't you like about RvB season 10?

oh man just off the top of my head:

  • i love monty. i love the animation crew. but the fight scenes are honestly the same thing over and over and over
  • see also: it’s obvious that a lot of the season was written around Cool Fight Scenes just to include those Cool Fight Scenes regardless of the logic
  • the aftermath of wash’s implant
  • the entire ending of the season made absolutely no sense
  • pacing what pacing
  • epsilon
  • the whole york out of mind flashback thing felt kind of….. really hamfisted but that might be personal bias
  • several other logical flaws caused by retcon, including but not limited to: “why was it ‘breaking into freelancer HQ’ when freelancer HQ is the ship they were on the entire time,” “that ship would not have been that small compared to the planet,” “how did anyone survive,” and “why the fuck would literally everyone who fucked off just leave wash”
  • epsilon
  • no honestly i’m still struggling with the “break into freelancer HQ” bit because that made no sense they were SUPPOSEDLY trying to free alpha but what. the fuck. i mean if you’re going to retcon something, at least make the retcon make sense
  • there is probably more
  • have i mentioned epsilon
idk if you're still into spn but i heard that dean is going to have an "intense affair" with a waitress at the roadhouse and i'm just.... so FUCKING exhausted and upset with the goddamn queerbaiting... i'm not friends with anyone in fandom but i'm just so mad and defeated and depressed idk i guess i wanted your take on this whole thing?

idk man i’m pretty exhausted by spn at the moment and i haven’t watched since the bullshit S9 midseason finale so i honestly have no idea what’s going on in the show right now so i’m the wrong person to ask, sorry buddy

If you don't like a MAIN CHARACTER OF THE SHOW, don't watch it. And keep your hate out of the tags for those of who do like said character.

i’m laughing so hard i don’t even know where to fucking start here

first of all, i’ve been using #rvb12 as a way to keep my blog organized, and i didn’t actually know that was a Main Tag for the fandom, so i’m actually p happy to change the tag to something ‘unique’ so that it’ll stay out of The Tags

second of all: holy christ on a shitstick how fucking useless is the “IF U DNOT LIKE IT DONT WAHT C IT” argument

third of all: epsilon is not a main character anymore at this point

fourth: oh my fucking god. go home. the next time someone has an opinion you don’t agree with then talk to them politely off anon about not using a Main Fandom Tag

Where is this washmaine acefic of which you speak I would like to read it
I've been wanting to get into the Halo series for a while but haven't for lack of time. I finally got Halo 3 + free time, would you say that's a good place to start playing?

halo 3 is a really really great game but if you can afford it, i suggest starting with halo: combat evolved anniversary!!

you’ll get a lot more of the story that way and you’ll have a better grasp of the halo universe so that you’ll Understand things when halo 3 rolls around. halo 3 was the first halo game i played start to finish, but THAT BEING SAID i did play about half of halo 1 and i read every single halo book released at the time before playing halo 3 so yeah

tl;dr halo 3 is great but if you can play halo 1 then play halo 1!! if not, either spend some time on the wikis getting caught up, or read some of the novels :>