Anonym: What don't you like about RvB season 10?

oh man just off the top of my head:

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Anonym: idk if you're still into spn but i heard that dean is going to have an "intense affair" with a waitress at the roadhouse and i'm just.... so FUCKING exhausted and upset with the goddamn queerbaiting... i'm not friends with anyone in fandom but i'm just so mad and defeated and depressed idk i guess i wanted your take on this whole thing?

idk man i’m pretty exhausted by spn at the moment and i haven’t watched since the bullshit S9 midseason finale so i honestly have no idea what’s going on in the show right now so i’m the wrong person to ask, sorry buddy

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Anonym: If you don't like a MAIN CHARACTER OF THE SHOW, don't watch it. And keep your hate out of the tags for those of who do like said character.

i’m laughing so hard i don’t even know where to fucking start here

first of all, i’ve been using #rvb12 as a way to keep my blog organized, and i didn’t actually know that was a Main Tag for the fandom, so i’m actually p happy to change the tag to something ‘unique’ so that it’ll stay out of The Tags

second of all: holy christ on a shitstick how fucking useless is the “IF U DNOT LIKE IT DONT WAHT C IT” argument

third of all: epsilon is not a main character anymore at this point

fourth: oh my fucking god. go home. the next time someone has an opinion you don’t agree with then talk to them politely off anon about not using a Main Fandom Tag

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Anonym: Where is this washmaine acefic of which you speak I would like to read it

here you go!!!

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Anonym: I've been wanting to get into the Halo series for a while but haven't for lack of time. I finally got Halo 3 + free time, would you say that's a good place to start playing?

halo 3 is a really really great game but if you can afford it, i suggest starting with halo: combat evolved anniversary!!

you’ll get a lot more of the story that way and you’ll have a better grasp of the halo universe so that you’ll Understand things when halo 3 rolls around. halo 3 was the first halo game i played start to finish, but THAT BEING SAID i did play about half of halo 1 and i read every single halo book released at the time before playing halo 3 so yeah

tl;dr halo 3 is great but if you can play halo 1 then play halo 1!! if not, either spend some time on the wikis getting caught up, or read some of the novels :>

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Anonym: "I think you missed your calling." clint/bucky (tho platonic would also be gr8)

i already did one involving bucky and “i think you missed your calling” so i’m gonna have to pass on this one, sorry anon!! :<

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Anonym: "Stop trying to cheer me up!" Newt/Hermann Please? c:

By the fifth cup of tea left on his desk, Hermann is pretty sure he’s caught on to what Newt is doing. Attempting to do.

"Stop trying to cheer me up," he finally snaps as Newt is slinking away. "My paper got rejected by the committee. It’s not the end of the world."

He watches Newt’s face progress through a range of astonishingly transparent emotions — indignation, annoyance, frustration, sheepishness, stubbornness — and then he finally opens his mouth, closes it, and crosses his arms.

"Well, sorry for trying to make you feel better,” Newt grumbles. “That stuff leaves ego bruises.”

Hermann thins his lips.

"Yes, well, tea isn’t exactly the best salve."

"It’s the thought,” Newt protests as Hermann turns back to his chalkboard, “it’s the thought that counts.”

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Anonym: you excited for E3??

yes!! uwu

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Anonym: you seem like a person I could ask this, so here goes. If I wanted to start reading Marvel comic books because I love the Marvel movies, where would be a solid place to start?

oh man, i don’t actually think i’m the right person to ask this?? i’ve only really read two marvel series, but i loved them both and i read them both so i’ll recommend them both.

first and foremost, if you liked cap 2, read the comic it’s based on! look for captain america: winter soldier, written by ed brubaker. i have this version. i really really liked it and you can see exactly where and what the movie drew from! it was a really fantastic comic and there is a lot of bucky’s backstory in there (i.e., his time as the winter soldier) and it’s just. it’s really good and i really enjoyed it so if you’re looking for something that’s directly linked to the movies then definitely check that out

and for number two – in 2012 i started reading the kid!loki arc of journey into mystery, which was still running at that point but is all wrapped up now. it’s a really, really interesting take on how redemption (and/or lack thereof) would work for someone like loki. it’s beautifully written and witty and clever and it’s a total treat to read. i read it really piecemeal and staggered because only the first trade was out in summer of 2012 but now all ?four?? i guess? are available! this is the first one, and there’s links to the others.

i really loved JiM, mostly because it wasn’t your typical whiny bullshit “ooh look at me i’m a big woobie angsty bad guy who’s getting redeemed because i’m attractive” and it is entirely in the moral grey area, which i am All About

but yeah i’m really….. not the right person to ask………………..

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Anonym: Sam and Nat casually suggesting that they go to a baseball game, which leads to them having to break the news that "well the Dodger's are LA now, it's just the Yankees and the Mets left in NY." Steve and Bucky making them wait until the Dodgers come to NY to play the Mets so they can wear the Brooklyn Dodger's shirts they got on amazon. They joke the whole game about Sam flying up and catching a ball and Nat has to cut them off from peanuts because the shells always mysteriously end up on her.

sam and nat getting incredibly embarrassed to be associated with steve and bucky because holy shit they’re. probably going to get arrested for disturbing the peace at this point

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