I learned how to knit in 5th grade. This is actually one of my favorite stories to tell, so bear with me here.

The summer before 5th grade, I moved from Minnesota to California. The school district was all ‘year-round’ schools, so school goes from July-June with three 3-week breaks (versus the ‘traditional’ school year schools, from Sept.-June). We moved in late August, so I was already out of the loop as far as school goes.

Some time that fall, during the mandatory 15-minute after-lunch ‘silent reading’ period we had, our teacher started reading aloud Louis Sachar’sHolesto us. Also during that time, the school got involved with some Ronald McDonald charity stuff. The point of the charity was to knit and then donate a bunch of squares that would be knit together to make blankets for the Ronald McDonald kids.

So, to fit in, I asked my mom to teach me how to knit. She taught me, I fit in, and that’s how I made friends that year.

So basically, half of fifth grade consisted of my entire class (even the ~manly boys~) sitting on the floor, knitting while our teacher read Holes to us. It was fucking awesome.


Occasionally if someone boxes my ears, makes them ring, or in any way impedes my hearing, I’ll accidentally say ‘I’m blind’ or ‘you’ve blinded me.’ I blame this wholeheartedly on the Silverwing series0


I’m 5’9” tall and I have no clue what that is in metres. Point is, I’m fucking tall.


I have a frighteningly rude tendency to finish peoples’ sentences for them. I try to curb it but most other peoples’ mouths work much slower than my brain.


I am really good at typing with one hand. When I took ~programming~ classes (i.e. let’s fuck around for two hours instead of doing work classes) my friend would always grab one of my hands and doodle on it so in order to get busy work done I had to learn how to type with one hand.

On a related note, I use my mouse/tablet pen in my right hand and the trackpad with my left when I’m on my mac partition, so that I can still use gestures.


I got into Mae (and The Everglow) around the same time as Pokemon Diamond/Pearl came out so thanks to that, I associate each song on The Everglow with a particular part of Sinnoh. It’s……. kind of terrible since I can’t listen to a song without thinking of a specific route or something.


I never lie, I only equivocate.


This is my thumb. I have a bad nervous habit/stress reaction where I pick at it so combined with my horrible picking-at-scars problem, my thumb is now essentially a mass of scar tissue.


My favorite Dr. Seuss book as a kid was always Fox in Socks.

Makes sense, now that I think about it.


I love dusk. No, really, I love everything about sunsets and dusk and (dare I say it) twilight. I would love sunset too, if I was a morning person. It’s not that ~the sun is setting~ or ~the end of a day~ or anything like that, I just absolutely fucking love/adore/worship low-angle light. In Poland I’d specifically go out around the golden hour to take pictures because everything is highlighted so perfectly and you can see all of the texture and everything glows. I take pictures of the sunset nearly every day because the Coastal Ranges are perfectly backlit when the sun sets and the field outside of my window looks perfect and everything is perfect.