grammar 101 protip


because i just saw this and it makes my skin crawl

WHEN you are using the phrase “he and I” or “she and I” or anything similar with the ‘I’ pronoun, you do not use I (nominative) in favor of me (accusative) when the first person singular pronoun is in the accusative case or the dative case!


“I just made oatmeal for he and I.”


“I just made oatmeal for him and me.”

now the protip part: if you’re ever in doubt, take the other pronoun out.

“I just made oatmeal for I” sounds wonky when in comparison with “I just made oatmeal for me”, so USE THE ACCUSATIVE PRONOUNS WHEN THEY ARE THE DIRECT OBJECT OR THE INDIRECT OBJECT RECIEVING THINGS ‘o’

ok now never do it again or i’m never talking to you ever again. ever. again.

This is a beautiful post.


  1. fantaboolous12123 hat gesagt: Do people actually say ‘he and I’ that sounds so strange to say.
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