a reax post



wow so that was me holding my face and wheezing “oh my god” for the entire last cutscene

WELP i’m level 22 and i’m pretty sure i’m at the end of the game but i don’t actually. want to powerlevel right now. waltzes happily into lv.26 mission while severely underleveled

alright okay no this gets a post of its own



the fuck

jack being shifty about what powers the eye’s laser more like lmao why did it take me this long to put two and two together and realize that the laser is powered by eridium


asexuality: the world’s most simple-to-grasp concept that apparently nobody can understand

alright that’s two text posts in a row i’ve seen about how professors write shitty emails in response to students and here’s what i have to say

in nine weeks of teaching i have gotten one (1) email in re: my two classes that was formatted properly, and almost every single other email started with “hey”

don’t fucking talk shit on professors when it’s students who don’t know how to formally format a fucking email