progress? ?? and we have a “helper” tonight she’s being our model

brunch with @suchamantis!!


wash would be the most useless translator for maine because it would always end up with him just having a private conversation w/ maine and forgetting to translate?? like maine growls something and wash is like “okay see that was rude im not translating that” or he says something and wash is like “HOL Y shit really?? thats so cool omg” “wait whats cool what did he sa-” “shhh im listening”

heading out to MK’s place time for a weekend-long helmet-making session B))

i want to know the results of indyref already

Look, we’re not going anywhere until you two squash this bullshit.

ah yes the “everything must be planned out and prepared ahead of time down to the millisecond” pre-trip anxiety

casually browses tumblr while students take test

just gotta survive teaching and class and then HELMETS


Scottish Highlands by Killian Schönberger